Buy hearing aids in four steps


You get a professional hearing test

If you don’t have an audiologist already, we can connect you to one of our partner clinics. You need a test that was conducted within the last 12 months.


You choose a hearing aid and check out answering the lifestyle questions

Our clinician will consider your hearing test results, lifestyle questionnaire and product order, to make sure you’ve chosen an appropriate hearing aid for your needs. If we think it’s necessary to change your order, you’ll get a call from us to discuss your choice.


We set up your hearing aids, so they’re ready to wear

Our clinician correctly sets up your hearing aids, using your hearing test results and lifestyle questionnaire as a guide. You’ll be able to make small adjustments yourself later, using a smartphone app or remote control that talks directly to your hearing aids.


We ship your hearing aids to you quickly and securely

Our aim is to get your hearing aids to you within a week of order placement. We use secure, signature-required courier services to deliver your hearing aids safely.

We sell a carefully selected range of quality receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids from Starkey and ReSound – leading global brands that we trust to live up to our customers’ expectations. We believe our range, which includes digital hearing aids, can satisfy 95% of hearing prescriptions. See our full product range

The Hearing Heroes partners with a network of professional audiology clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand to provide support before and after you purchase your hearing aids. They can provide a range of services, from hearing tests through to making adjustments to hearing aid settings. Some of their services may be free of charge to our customers. Contact Us to find a clinic near you.

By establishing The Hearing Heroes, we have given Aussies and Kiwis a shortcut to better hearing. We don’t sell cheap hearing aids; we sell quality hearing aids at affordable prices. While we’re allied to a network of audiology clinics, we don’t have retail stores. This means our overheads are minimal, so you pay less for quality hearing aids.  More about us

If you have a question about our products or the way you order them, you’re welcome to contact us:
AU 1800 771 618 and NZ 0800 771 618
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