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Our Story

Good hearing helps people to learn, socialise, work, communicate and stay safe. It connects us to music and spoken ideas. It is an essential channel for keeping our brains active and young. In short, being able to hear well is the glue that holds a happy life together.

The Hearing Heroes is the brainchild of Allister Daly. We'have been involved in the hearing health sector in Australia and New Zealand for several decades. While we were working at the coalface of the hearing equipment industry, it became obvious to us that the best hearing aids are a significant and ongoing expense for people who need them. Often they have to choose a lower quality aid because the really good ones cost too much.

By establishing The Hearing Heroes, we have given Aussies and Kiwis a shortcut to affordable hearing aids. While we’re allied to a network of audiology clinics, we don’t have retail stores. This means our overheads are minimal, so you pay less for quality hearing aids.

We believe purchasing hearing aids should be easy, fast and worry-free. Buying through The Hearing Heroes should leave you satisfied, hearing well and feeling like you got a great deal.

Keep reading for more about what makes The Hearing Heroes different.


Why us


Our overheads are lower and our margins are smaller, so our prices are much less than normal retail.


We only sell hearing aids to people who can provide a recent hearing test, complete the Medical History and Lifestyle Questionnaires. All product selections are checked by a professional clinician.


Your hearing aids will be set up and ready to go when you receive them. You can make small adjustments yourself with a smartphone app or remote control.


If you’ve had a hearing test recently, you can order hearing aids online today. We aim for delivery within 5 working days.


Our promises to you

Before The Hearing Heroes became a real thing, we put a lot of time and effort into creating an online purchasing process that’s packed full of benefits to you.

Affordable prices

Hearing aids cost more when you buy them from a retail clinic, so we’ve taken the retail store out of the equation. It means the hearing aids we sell are much more affordable. You can either spend less, (which is great if you’re on a fixed income) or you can buy higher-quality hearing aid that will provide better hearing.

Set up and ready to go

As part of the purchase process, we ask you questions about your lifestyle that enable our clinician to set up your hearing aids correctly. Once you’ve received your aids, you can make minor adjustments with an easy-to-use smartphone app or remote control.

Science comes first

The Hearing Heroes only provides hearing aids to people who can supply us with a recent hearing test (less than 12 months old).  Identifying the best hearing aid requires more than guesswork, it requires precision. If you need to find a good clinician, we have a trusted network of partner clinics.

Quality products

To simplify the process of getting hearing aids, our experts have put together a concise range of high quality receiver-in-canal (RIC) aids from Starkey and ReSound. We believe our range can satisfy 95% of hearing prescriptions.

After-sales service

If something isn’t right about your hearing aids, you can take them into any of our partner audiology clinics for help.

Money back guarantee

Purchasing hearing aids is a significant investment. If you aren’t satisfied with your The Hearing Heroes aids, you can return them to us within 60 days of purchase for a 100% refund. No questions asked.


You receive the full 4 year manufacturer warranty on Starkey products and a 3 year manufacturer warranty on ReSound products purchased form The Hearing Heroes.

Privacy and security

The information you supply to us is safely stored in a secure server.  Read our privacy policy.

Packaging and delivery

Your hearing aids will be carefully packed and sent to you by signature-required courier. Delivery generally takes two to five days.

Keen to get started?

A week from now you could be enjoying the very-latest hearing aid technology. Our sales process is simple.

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