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Introducing the Hearing Heroes

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Release Date: 26 February 2019

Introducing The Hearing Heroes

Introducing The Hearing Heroes, the fastest growing online hearing aid retailer in both Australia and New Zealand. The Hearing Heroes offers the unique combination of affordable high-end hearing aids with professional audiological setup, whilst remaining 100 per cent online.


Having only launched this year, The Hearing Heroes is proving to be the answer to the market’s strong desire for simple, fast and audiologist-backed online hearing aid supply. This new and progressive company have streamlined the hearing aid purchase process; starting with simply submitting a recent hearing test a customer can order their aids online and receive them within 6 days, professionally programmed and securely dispatched. is the brainchild of Allister Daly, who has been involved in the hearing health sector in Australia and New Zealand for several decades. While working at the forefront of the hearing equipment industry, it became obvious that the best hearing aids were a significant expense for people who need them. Often they had to choose a lower quality aid because the better ones cost too much.


“After decades in the hearing industry, I created The Hearing Heroes for our customers to access the latest quality hearing devices online, still from well-known brands and tailored to their unique hearing needs by an audiological professional. Being an online business, with no bricks and mortar costs, we have the opportunity to offer competitive prices to our customers.


Our online solution is supported by our after sales service team and a network of partner audiology clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand for customers looking for further assistance or advice from trusted professionals.” Allister Daly, Director.


Being established across both countries, this company has given Aussies and Kiwis a shortcut to affordable hearing aids without the common pitfalls associated with buying these devices online.  By only stocking the latest, high quality, well known brands customers do not end up with cheap knock offs or old clearance technology.  Providing customized programming means that each customer is receiving a product that is the best fit for them, instead of an unsuitable generic set up. Plus their everyday low pricing, without the cost cutting gimmicks often found across the market, such as price beat guarantees and ‘sales’, The Hearing Heroes is focused on supporting each and every customer, offering access to essential after sales service and ongoing assistance should the customer need it.


What hearing aids you buy will depend on your budget and lifestyle. With hearing aids lasting three to five years, users are often wearing old technology and missing out the more recent innovations and the ease to which these newer devices fit into everyday life. Today’s hearing aids can be rechargeable, have wireless connectivity and 3D sound quality allowing the user to better capture conversation and sounds surrounding them.  Hearing aids can now be adjusted by the user through an app on their phone, saving time on additional appointments.  These advancements have made hearing devices easier to operate and manage, and  now, with The Hearing Heroes online opportunity, more attainable for more people.