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ReSound LiNX 3D

ReSound LiNX 3D
Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids

The ReSound LiNX 3D range takes smart hearing to a new level, helping you to hear more,
do more and stay more in touch with the world. Enabled by leading wireless technology and
advanced binaural directionality, LiNX 3D devices deliver clear, natural sound, exceptional
speech comprehension and an improved sense of where sounds are coming from.

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Matching you to the most appropriate hearing aid is vitally important to us. Before you
make your choice, our clinicians will recommend a level of technology that suits the degree
of your hearing loss and the lifestyle you live. Our process explained.

Benefits of ReSound LiNX 3D hearing devices
Designed for mild to moderate hearing loss, ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids automatically
adjust to ensure you enjoy the best listening quality wherever you go. They also support
iPhone streaming and remote adjustments from your audiologist.

Optimum listening
LiNX 3D hearing aids split incoming sound into its different frequencies before processing
each frequency channel independently based on the listening environment, listening needs
and your degree of hearing loss. This helps provide a more natural sound quality. In
crowded situations, the two hearing aids work together to help your brain focus on the
person or thing you want to hear. In addition, the hearing aids exchange information to
more accurately locate and separate different sounds in the environment to provide better
spatial (3D) awareness.

Discreet appearance
Because it’s almost undetectable when worn, the receiver-in-canal (RIC) is the most popular
style of hearing device in Australia and New Zealand.

Music enjoyment
LiNX hearing aids work like a pair of wireless headphones, letting you stream music directly
from your iPhone. If you’re an Android user, music streaming can be enabled with the
ReSound Phone Clip+ accessory.

Listening comfort
Your LiNX 3D hearing aids can be adjusted and specifically programmed for different
listening environments, such as music, outdoors, party, restaurant or meeting.

All components are coated with iSolate nanotech to provide superior protection against
damage from water, dust and ear wax.

Direct streaming
LiNX 3D hearing aids provide direct streaming of phone calls, music, audio books, podcasts
and video streaming from your Apple iPhone or iPad. If you use a Samsung Galaxy phone,
the ReSound Phone Clip+ accessory is required for streaming.

Remote adjustments
Install the ReSound Smart 3D app on your phone and you can control your hearing aids
without touching them. Turn volume up or down or personalise your sound for a specific
environment. LiNZ 3D hearing aids can also be adjusted and updated without a visit to an
audiology clinic.

Easy TV streaming
You can enhance your listening experience with an accessory that supports direct TV
streaming. Sound will be delivered directly to your ears, allowing others in the room to
listen at the volume that suits them.

Tinnitus relief
The in-built tinnitus sound generator distracts the brain from tinnitus with soothing, nature-
based sounds.

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