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Starkey Halo iQ

Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids
If you want your hearing enhancement to integrate seamlessly with your iPhone, Starkey
Halo iQ aids are for you. They are engineered for contemporary life, allowing you to
effortlessly transition between different hearing situations and environments as your day

[image] Premium: Starkey Halo iQ RIC i2400 $XXXX
[image] Advanced: Starkey Halo iQ RIC i2000 $XXXX
[image] Value: Starkey Halo iQ RIC i1600 $XXXX

Matching you to the most appropriate hearing aid is vitally important to us. Before you
make your choice, our clinicians will recommend a level of technology that suits the degree
of your hearing loss and the lifestyle you live. Our process explained.

Benefits of Starkey Halo iQ RIC hearing devices
With advanced noise reduction technology and precise directional microphones, Halo iQ
hearing aids make voices sound more natural and easier to hear in almost any listening
environment. You can also stream phone calls, music and messages directly from your
Apple iPhone to your hearing aids.

Optimum listening
The TruLink app that comes with Halo iQ hearing aids lets you make adjustments to suit
your preferences in different listening environments. You can even create ‘memories’ linked
to GPS positions. For example, each time you visit your favourite café your hearing aids will
automatically adjust for optimum listening.

Discreet appearance
Because it’s almost undetectable when worn, the receiver-in-canal (RIC) is the most popular
style of hearing device in Australia and New Zealand.

Music enjoyment
Some hearing aids can be very unkind to music, because they’re primarily aimed at
optimising speech. Halo iQ hearing aids are designed to process music differently, so that
you hear every note and nuance.

Listening comfort
Some hearing aids are prone to whistling and feedback noises. This can be caused by a
variety of reasons, however with Halo iQ hearing aids you will enjoy whistle-free,
comfortable listening all day due to Starkey’s best-in-class feedback cancellation system.

Durability and reliability are important when investing in hearing aids. To give you peace of
mind, Halo iQ hearing devices are protected by the NanoShield water and wax repellent
system to ensure longevity and performance.

Direct streaming
Halo iQ hearing aids provide direct streaming of phone calls, music, audio books, podcasts
and video streaming from your Apple iPhone. No additional devices are required to make
this happen. You can answer your calls with the touch of a button and hear an entire
conversation through your Halo iQ hearing aids via Bluetooth® technology. Notifications for
phone calls, texts, emails and other smartphone apps can also be streamed directly to your
hearing aids. If you wear an Apple Watch, you can use it to make adjustments to your Halo
iQ hearing aids from your wrist.

Remote adjustments
Halo iQ hearing aids can be adjusted and updated without a visit to an audiology clinic.

Tinnitus relief
If you suffer from tinnitus, and many people do, Starkey’s advanced Multiflex tinnitus
technology helps to tune out annoying ringing, buzzing and whistling.

Smooth transition
The volume of your Halo iQ hearing aids will adjust over time, allowing you to transition
gradually to the louder world.


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