About Our Pricing

At The Hearing Heroes we are focused on affordability. In our view, everyone who needs help with their hearing should be able to access devices that help in an affordable way.

Our business model


The hearing industry is dominated by large multinational chains that have invested heavily in their clinic networks and head office support offices. These are expensive to maintain, so their customers pay higher prices.

To make hearing technology more affordable, The Hearing Heroes model removes the clinic network from the process. We pass the savings on to you through more affordable prices.

Additional services

When our audiologists check your hearing test results (audiogram), there’s a chance they will recommend you meet a clinician face-to-face. This may be due to the nature of your hearing loss or the answers provided in our lifestyle questionnaire. We are unable to control what our partner clinics charge for these additional professional services.

Government subsidies

To keep our business simple and our staff overheads low, The Hearing Heroes has chosen not to deal with government funding agencies. However you will find that our prices are typically lower that what you would pay if you qualified for a government subsidy.

For example:

Cost of hearing aids bought elsewhere = $6000

Government subsidy  = $ 1400 Cost of hearing aids to you with subsidy = $4600

Cost of same hearing aids through The Hearing Heroes without any subsidy = $4000